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Why kill your time and energy to manually copy-paste all your LMS records? Instead, you can use our service for an automatic, quick, and quality data transfer. Our team of professionals is highly experienced in data migration services and will be happy to successfully complete yours, too.

Here’s what you can take advantage of with our migration service:

  • All key LMS records available for migration:

    Categories, Courses (inc. Folders, Modules, Chapters, Topics, and in-course Activities), Users, User Groups, Events Calendar, in-course Forums and Discussions, Private conversations, Attachments Library, and many more…

    This is a generalized list of instances available for migration between two Learning Management systems. The accurate list of all records for a specific platform depends on the API of your LMS platform.

  • Maintained Data Connections
    All the relations between the records are preserved after the migration.
  • Additional data sources
    Export data even from the unsupported Learning Management Systems or other sources.
  • Data filtering
    Use special filters to sort the data out by course, user, group, etc. and migrate only the records you need.
  • Delta migration
    During the migration, it’s possible to get updates in some LMS data instances. Thus, our service enables a delta migration to the target system to help you keep your data up-to-date.
  • Extended Customer Support
    You will always have an opportunity to get support from a dedicated service team. They will be available on weekends and holidays, too.
  • Price calculation
    Our expert will help you determine the starter plan of your data migration and estimate the approximate price for the whole transfer.

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Data remigration

Let’s imagine your data migration is completed but you need a similar one, just with altered settings. Great news, it’s possible with our service! We can set up a new data migration for you even if your records were already transferred to a new system.

The price of the service equals 50% from the price of your initial data migration.


New LMS implementation

Our team of professionals can not only help you move your data to a new LMS but also provide the implementation services. Make the most out of the new system after high-quality professional help. Rather you need a simple set up or advanced customizations, we’re always here to assist.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum of records you can move to the new Learning Management System?

There are no limits in the number of records our service can move to your new LMS. Migrate as much data as you need with ease!

Do you delete the data from the source system?

Our tool transfers a copy of your records to the new system. So, there’s no need to worry, we don’t delete any data from the source platform during or after the migration.

Do you have access to our data after the data migration?

No, we delete all the access credentials you provide for the data migration. It is one of the main principles of our Privacy policy.