Data migration from
Talent LMS to Edmodo

Try a smooth switch between Talent LMS and Edmodo. Simply no code scripting experience or extra programming skills needed.

Data migration safety

Your data is completely safe with our service. We’ll make use of your access credentials and access your LMS records only during the transfer.

Migration simplicity

The migration tool our service offers doesn’t require any specific skills to complete the transition. The process is understandable, even for a newbie!

Maintained structure

Even the most significant piles of LMS data will keep their correlations after the import. We take into account the features of each LMS to assure the successful outcome of every data migration.

Why trust your data migration to our service?

Easy way

Security is priority

We care about the data safety of our customers. That’s why we erase all the details on our clients and their records right after the migration. By the way, the entire process is done under a protected connection to minimize the risk of data breach.


Preserved correlation between records

You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the information arrangement on your new LMS. All the connections between the Users, Groups, Programs, etc. will be maintained during the migration.



The migration of key LMS records

Move all the LMS records you need, including Categories, Courses together with their content and attachments, Users and Groups, Events Calendar, Assessment points, and more.


Records you can migrate from Talent LMS to Edmodo

*The listing of records possible to migrate is generated automatically and can be different from the one specified below.
It can slightly shift depending on the source and target systems.

So how exactly does the transition from Talent LMS to Edmodo work?

  • Contact us.

    Set up a request to start with your switch. We’ll discuss all the data migration peculiarities, the scope of work, and the timeline of your migration.

  • Connect Talent LMS and Edmodo.

    Provide the necessary passwords so that the tool can read the data from your current LMS and transfer it to the new system.

  • Choose the date for your migration.

    Determine the time when the system is the least packed with users dealing with their course activities. Pick this period as the data migration date and notify us to schedule your transfer.

  • Import everything to Edmodo.

    Wait for the complete data migration to transfer everything to the target Learning Management System.

  • Start using your new LMS!

    When the full migration is over, your new LMS is completely ready to support you in your studying activities.

Your data is in the hands of professionals.

Data protection is an important matter for us, so we produce and use our own reliable methods for data safety.

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